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Why Forgetting Phone Numbers is a Good Thing!

Find out why forgetting information is better than storing it in your brain
wrote this on January 16, 2012
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A funny thing happened in the last 10 years, a strong memory full of information, once a noble quality is being regarded more and more as a burden rather than an advantage. 

The availability of apps and tools allowed us to forget information that we previously used on a regular basis, freeing our brain power for creativity and processing, so why bother?  Although our brain can store information, its better at processing it!

Even Albert Einstein said that we should never memorize something that we can look up.  This helped Einstein to get things done, and as it helped him back then, it can help us right now.  Nowadays, everything is available on the cloud, you can access your files, emails, contacts and so much more from anywhere, so there’s no real reason to insist on remembering everything (I’m sure that Mr. emc2 would second me on that statement), right?

Another supporter of the “no information inside your head = Getting Things Done” is David Allen.  (He even trademarked the term and created a system to match from his experience).

In his book, Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity, David explained that if you’ll write down everything you need to do, you’ll get more done.  He explains that if your mind is free from constantly reviewing information, its resources are available for solving issues and processing information – that’s what will get things done.

If you won’t remove that information, your brain will run in loops…re-remembering and processing the same messages over and over again, trying to deal with something that can’t be dealt with right now.

forgetting phone numbers on IQTELL

Once you write down everything you have circling around your head and you arrange it in a system that will support and structure your actions, you get rid of the number one reason you can’t get things done: Focusing on things you can’t resolve right now.

That’s Why Forgetting Phone Numbers is a Good Thing!

Over the past several months, we’ve been working with our early beta users to further develop IQTELL.    We hope that IQTELL will function as an extension of your brain’s storage room and will give a turbo boost to your brain’s processing power by – connecting all your information into the applications on our app (email, Evernote, and more) in a unique and powerful way.

Join IQTELL’s Productivity app today and see how you can improve the way your information serves you.

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  1. What an refreshing idea to download all the info in the brain to free it up for creativity and productivity. Love the Einstein quote too.

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