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Optimize your New Year’s resolution success!

Find out how to achieve your New Year's resolution
wrote this on January 3, 2012
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2011 is almost over, and like every year, I reflect on what I achieved and what I hope to achieve in the coming year.  No matter what I set out to accomplish, I always follow my tried and proven method for setting goals and achieving them.  Of course, I am not a robot and don’t achieve everything I set out do but this method helps me get things done in a very effective method.

Over the years, this method helped focus my efforts, fine tune my life’s trajectory, and reach milestone after milestone.  The method is quite simple, I call it “The Macro-Micro New Year Resolution” method and it will fit any decision or goal you’ll decide to accomplish.

Macro refers to the goals that I’d like to achieve. Micro, on the other hand, represents the actions I need to take to accomplish those goals.   In the past, I used combinations of pen and paper, outlook calendars, notepads, white boards and anything else you can imagine to organize my Micro actions and Macro goals.  This being my first year at IQTELL, I am happy to announce that I’m going to use our Productivity app for this purpose as well.

Let’s begin…

#A – First you’ll need to Create a list of goals (Macro).

Soar to 50,000 feet – Some of you probably know the “50,000 feet” term from David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity”.  It describes the bigger picture goals that I’d like to achieve.

Those goals can be to lose weight, get out of debt or learn something new, it doesn’t matter.

#B – Second, identify the first step you’ll have to take with each goal you set (Micro).

Optimize your New Year’s resolution success with IQTELL

Zoom in to ground level – After you identify your goals, write down the first step you’ll have to take to make them happen.

Why only one step?

The answer is simple, if you break that goal (Macro) into 30 different tasks, you’ll probably never take even the first step (Micro).   Each goal has its own barrier to entry – a common barrier to entry for all goals is being overwhelmed before you start with all the actions required to complete a Macro goal.  Keep it simple – take the first step, build on your success, and keep moving forward.

#C – Third, Implement Macro-Micro into your IQTELL’s workspace and get ready to kick off 2012 in style!

  1. I created a subfolder in my Projects application called “2012 Goals” on My IQTELL Productivity App.
  2. I typically set five Macro Goals for each year.  More than that, and I tend to ignore most because these goals are in addition to our daily workload of family, work, and friends.
  3. I created my five Macro goals as projects within my 2012 Goals folder.  I was able to clearly state what my goal is, how I measure success or failure, links to useful sites, links to contacts that can help me, target start and completion date.
  4. For each Macro goal, I clearly stated what my first action was and how to get it started.
  5. I added important dates for each Macro goal and first action to my calendar.  I made sure not to set more than one important date per week.  This is just a useful tip I picked up over the years.
  6. Another important tip – make sure you can complete the first action in a day’s time.  If it takes more than one day to complete the first action of any Macro goal – break it up.  It’s important to start and finish the action/task in one day – this reinforces your resolve and gives you a great boost that will motivate you to continue.
  7. A day before the first action’s start date, create the next action…  You need to clearly see the next action while doing the first action.  Knowing what you are doing and what you need to do next gives you just the right sense of control without overwhelming you to inaction.
  8. Make sure to celebrate the completion of each action, and celebrate twice as much if not more the accomplishment of each of your Macro Goals.
  9. Repeat.

It’s important to remember that nothing is perfect or absolute (Not even my Macro-Micro methodology).  You’ll probably have some setbacks on your way to reach your yearly Marco goals.  Be ready to roll with the punches – you’ll need to fine tune actions and possibly redo-certain steps.

Wishing you a Happy New Year – May All Your Goals become a reality!

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