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Productivity and Organization – What Makes Them So Important To Us?

If you're secure you'll be productive
wrote this on December 13, 2011
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It’s hidden in plain sight, it had a major influence on us during our past as hunters/farmers, and it continues to push us to action by haunting our dreams….the answer is security.  According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, without security we can’t do anything else.  In the Pyramid structure, it’s second only to water, food and sleep. Without it, we can’t have relationships, we don’t respect ourselves or others and we definitely can’t be productive.

Let’s see why security is so important to our productivity/organization and vice versa.

First of all, it’s in our DNA

Since the beginning of time, we had to organize and shape everything around us, being productive meant more food.  The drive to organize our environment to suit our needs enabled us to develop agriculture, language and ultimately our productivity brought prosperity.

A Nigerian school teacher named Mohammed Bah Abba received a Rolex Laureate award in 1995 for re-discovering an ancient evaporative cooling system that he named Pot in Pot. This invention solved simultaneously educational, economical and nourishment problems in the Sahara (a place that has almost no electricity) and brought security in the form of two clay pots with mud between them – one outer, one inner.

The system fortified security: nobody was starving because they were able to preserve food without a refrigerator, one of the side effects of having food for a longer period was enabling little girls to go to school…They didn’t spend their days running from their farm to the local market carrying vegetables in the desert sun.

The more our lives are organized and secure the more productive we become.

Productivity and Organization are about security, they effect our physical world

Organizing requires work, but once you finish organizing everything, your life become comfortable and everything feels secure…at least for a while…

Productivity and Organization with IQTELL

Most of us are constantly looking for the comforts that organizing our environment offers, we arrange storage rooms, make to-do lists, hire professional organizers, everything to make our lives more secure.  It works as long as you continue to support it actively…get out of your comfort zone!

It’s emotional

“I don’t have enough time” is an emotional response.  Its helplessness and tiredness combined into a laziness sandwich. Organization and productivity creates control, this control when sustainable is a wonderful sensation.  It makes us powerful; when we are powerful we get much more done because we’re confident in our ability to achieve what we want.

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