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Organize Christmas with Tips from the Experts

Productivity on Christmas
wrote this on December 19, 2011
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Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time for a little treat that will help you organize your holiday.

We’ve gathered some of the best Christmas advice around in one mega inspirational post that brings tips from professionals who know a thing or two about keeping it tidy during the holiday season…

#1 Stacy J. Kaplan told us about this wonderful little Jedi Christmas trick that she uses to keep the holiday season under control – “If you feel overwhelmed by too many Christmas decorations, limit yourself to one or two boxes. Only keep what you absolutely love. If you have too many pieces of children’s artwork for the holidays, take photos of them and then pass the pieces on.”

#2 Paris Love – Has a nifty trick that helps her to pass everyone in the checkout lines during the holidays.  Learn from her when it’s best to shop for the holidays and save yourself the frustration with long lines.

#3 Stephanie LH Calahan – Explains in these two podcasts how you can understand, identify, and get rid of pressure…and we all know how the holidays can have that effect on us – here is part one and part two of her wonderful podcasts…you can also take a look at her site.

Organize Christmas with IQTELL

#4 Linda from Oh, So Organized looks at holiday stress from a different angle that makes a lot of sense, she gathered 5 Tips for More “Happy” in Holiday – practical advice about how to keep the Christmas cheer when everything seems stressful.

#5 What will be your 2012 resolution? Lisa Montanaro from LM Organizing Solutions suggests that if you “Want to be more productive in 2012, than you need to do a Brain Dump now of all of the things you didn’t get to in 2011. Categorize them and then start deciding which are no longer necessary, which need to be done, which you want to do, who will do them, and then calendar them in for the New Year!”…that way, you’ve got 2012 planned ahead and all you‘ll have to do during the year are minor adjustments.

#6 The holidays are a great period to stop and reflect on your goals, Nikki Kinzer from  Take Control Organizing challenges you to put a plan together this holiday and start reaching your goals as early as possible.  She also has a great Steve Jobs quote that definitely moved me into action more than once!

#7 Use the holiday period to connect with everything you missed, Tamara from Daily Transformation explains how she uses her 5 senses to connect back to what’s beautiful and inspiring in her life and shows you how to do it step by wonderful step through her own personal experiences.

#8 When he’s not busy preparing for the Anderson Cooper show, Justin Klosky from O.C.D.- Organize & Create Discipline writes wonderful blog posts like this great reminder about how it’s important to treat ourselves right…Remember, the holidays are a perfect time to do right by yourself and through it, do right with everyone around you.

We want to thank all our friends for their insightful posts…and we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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