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The Feng Shui of Productivity

The Bagua of Productivity
wrote this on November 28, 2011
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Unless blocked, chi flows through everything like wind and water.

Feng Shui (or Wind and Water) is the 3000 year old art of balancing energies (Chi) in any given space.

Usually when people are practicing Feng Shui, they do it in their physical environment…we all know that once a room is organized to suit our needs, we will spend more time in it since we feel the “good vibes”.  Feng Shui has a set of rules and tools to ensure there’s a good chi flow in a designated space.  Good chi flow ensures comfort, good fortune, and health.

As with spaces, we have our own “inner structure” that if kept balanced, can improve our inner chi flow and quality of life.

To help us determine what is good Feng Shui chi flow, the ancient Chinese created the Bagua (meaning: 8 areas or 8 ways) diagram (one of the major tools of Feng Shui).

The Bagua (pronounced “Bag wa”) is an octagonal grid that explains what you should consider to understand energy patterns in any given space.  Once you understand the Bagua of a space, you can optimize it to be more balanced.  Once you master the Bagua of your inner space, you’ll always be balanced.

A strong center is a center that correctly connects all 8 sides of Bagua.  Let’s explore our 8 sides of our personal Bagua…

The Feng Shui of Productivity

#1 Fame – Reputation, Recognition and Appreciation

Balance is lost when you try to please others and lose contact with yourself.

Balance is gained when you focus on creation and development – when your power to do comes from within.

#2 Wealth – Lifestyle and Opportunity

Balance is lost when you run after material objects; spending money that you don’t have, all for the purpose of immediate gratification.

Balance is gained when you’re humble.  Learn to identify and plan for your growth opportunities.

#3 Relationships and Partnerships

Balance is lost when the relationship is all about what you gain and what you can lose.

Balance is gained when you spend your days thinking how you can make your partner happy and you are sure that they reciprocate. When your mind is at ease about relationships, you are often at peak performance and creativity.

#4 Family and Community

Balance is lost when you don’t accept the support offered to you or when that support is a commitment that buries your desires and dreams.

Balance is gained when you accept your loved ones with all their flaws.  Focus on helping and understanding your community.

#5 Children, Creativity and your Inner Child

Balance is lost when your children or your inner child is the sole focus of your day.  A child should have clear rules and boundaries just as your house needs a strong foundation.

Balance is gained when the child is aware that there are others besides him.  When the child can express himself and has the freedom to create, we can evolve to a better state.

#6 Knowledge, Wisdom and Education

Balance is lost when you lose your will to learn, when you think you’ve reached the point that only others can learn from you.

Balance is gained when you are open-minded, when anyone and everyone is a potential mentor.

Feng Shui of Productivity on IQTELL

#7 Friends and Support

Balance is lost when you have a few “friends” that you keep around because you’re lonely.

Balance is gained when friends take an active part in your life, when friends offer support and help you accomplish your goals…when you’re there to help your friends.

#8 Your Career and Life Path (The Journey)

Balance is lost when you’re consumed by work, when you don’t have a clear roadmap that outlines your next step and when you don’t have time to do other things besides work.

Balance is gained when you plan your path, when every now and then you take a break to replenish your strength and when you see your destination up ahead.

When your inner Bagua is in harmony, you’ll remain balanced no matter where your journey takes you.

Connect your Bagua to a center that will organize your productivity on IQTELL’s Productivity app and continue your journey focused, organized and balanced!

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