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wrote this on November 3, 2011
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Being that this is my first post for IQTELL, here are a few sentences about me.  I started using IQTELL pretty extensively and blogged about it a bit.  IQTELL asked me to join their team to help spread the word and also get input as to how they can improve IQTELL to meet the needs and demands of students.  I am currently a college student and am working part time with IQTELL.

Well, enough about me, and onto my first blog!  This past week, IQTELL was the equivalent of Superman for me in saving me in the early hours of the morning.   Not quite like Lois Lane falling from a burning building, but definitely a life-saver.

When I started college (I go to Rutgers – Go Knights!) with my new computer, it was as quick and reliable as a new computer should be. In its later years though, it has been, as they say, “causing problems”. On late Wednesday night last week, I was working on a project for my Computational Analysis & Design Class, which consisted of a few hundred lines of code and related analysis that I would certainly not enjoy writing again, especially late at night when all I could think about is finally getting to bed after a long day.

And before I could even react, my computer froze. And just like that, my grade for this assignment hung in the balance. My computer would not even power on. Familiar with these types of problems from past experiences, I was sure to save my work often, but since it was a hardware failure, it did not matter in the slightest.

Before IQTELL, I would have spent quite some time trying to figure out how to fix the issue or at least recover my data. I’ll admit I should have completed the assignment earlier than just a few hours before the deadline but “hey – it’s college”.  Thankfully though, I saved a recent version of my work in my IQTELL Files application. All I had to do was login to IQTELL from another computer and I was able to complete my assignment without starting over from scratch.

While I work on fixing my computer, I’ve been using IQTELL everywhere – at the Library, the computer labs and even on my friend’s computers to get all of my work done.

One of my favorite applications on the superhero app is Files. It has really come in handy at times when I’ve truly needed it, and I could not have asked for more.

If you are all too familiar with my experience, sign up for our Productivity app!

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