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Mind Mapping Fever

Mind Mapping with IQTELL
wrote this on November 24, 2011
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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me the most bizarre picture.  Stranger, he said it helps him be more productive because it helps him understand how everything he does is related and dependent on each other in one shape, form, or manner.  After the meeting, I asked myself whether he was working too hard because as I remember telling myself “he’s losing it”.

Fast forward to today, and it ends up that my friend was onto something, and it seems like the mind mapping phenomena is catching on.

In brief, Wikipedia defines mind mapping as s a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.  Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying and organizing information, solving problems, making decisions, and writing.

Well, I thought, that’s what IQTELL does in essence.  We enable you to link and integrate all your important information so it makes sense.  Most of the information we use on a daily basis in linked to other information.  For example, my tasks may relate to an email, could be associated with a contact, and may result in several files, as well as several events on my calendar.

Mind Mapping with IQTELL

An idea is born… With Yael’s help (our gifted graphic designer), we created our first mind mapping masterpiece.  We took a typical project we could all relate to – Remodeling our Kitchen.  We quickly realized how nicely IQTELL’s concept fits nicely with mind mapping and integrating all the information in a way that makes sense!

Mind Mapping Fever on IQTELL

In both our mind map and our IQTELL Workspace, we were able to easily link and manage all of the following.

Remodel Kitchen

#1 Emails – link related emails to our Remodeling Project

#2 Actions/tasks – create and manage all tasks

  • Attach notes to our tasks.
  • Link phone calls relating to Tasks.
  • Schedule Actions on my calendar.

#3 Contacts – list of contacts related to the Remodeling Project

#4 Files – easily to store all related documents in IQTELL.

#5 Calendar – store all important information on the Calendar, including the celebratory dinner party to show off our new remodeled kitchen.

#6 Bookmarks – storing helpful remodeling kitchen websites and related notes.

Join IQTELL’s Productivity app and lets us know what you think – have you caught the mind mapping fever?

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I live and breath productivity. I'd like to invite you to check our Productivity App! In addition to the app, you'll join our productivity community and receive support from a team of productivity experts who love what they do! You can contact us on Google+ or on Twitter if you have any questions. As an FYI, we recently released an amazing feature that helps to process your emails quickly and effectively - we call it EZ Email processing.

9 responses to “Mind Mapping Fever”

  1. This is an interesting piece, Eytan. Mind mapping does all the things you suggest, but it’s also visual. So instead of lists and linear information, pieces of the puzzle are drawn out (like your illustration shows.) With IQTELL software, is that possible, or is the information that you are describing displayed in traditional linear fashion?

    • Team IQTELL says:


      IQTELL’s system is a nonlinear tool, definitely. You can connect action items on a project or task you’re working on with IQTELL, connect them to other projects or tasks and change them to adjust to your need at that moment, it’s definitely not a list manager.
      All the applications on IQTELL communicate with each other…That way, you can create a project from an email a customer sent you and answer him that “you’re on it”, plan and create your next actions, add relevant contacts, attach various files that you know will support your activity during the project, drag and move everything you create on IQTELL with the Drag and drop interface…and so much more!

      Everyone had his own workflow, IQTELL adjust itself to them all…Not linear at all I’d say :).

  2. Robert S. says:

    I have been looking for a way to connect a mind-map to a tool like IQtell so that each item in the map can be connected to a task.

    So in your example, I would create the map first, then connect the defined resources using the IQtell system. Each node on the map could have an action, contact, resource or task assign to a portion of the IQtell system.

    The closest thing I have found is in a product called dooster but it is not quite there in terms of capability.

    Mindmeister has an API and the ability to assign tasks to nodes in your mindmap. So its close but it is only mindmap software not productivity management.

    Any chance you have thought of adding this type of capability?

    • Team IQTELL says:


      This mind map was created to demonstrate a possible workflow inside IQTELL’s app.

      We had considered that possibility in the past and we’ll definitely check how we can integrate a mind mapping tool into IQTELL’s future…but we currently don’t support this kind of functionality (not yet).

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