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How to Teach your Child to Be Productive in 5 Easy Steps

Teach your kid to be productive
wrote this on November 14, 2011
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Johnny came late to school because he was out playing.  His two teachers (Mrs. A and Mrs. B) caught him as he tried to sneak into his seat.  Let’s see how their different reactions can either “make or break” Johnny’s productivity.

Mrs. A is quite irritated and raises her voice at Johnny.  Not only does she scold him for being late but also for his dirty shirt.  Mrs. A angrily conveys to him the importance of his education.  She sends Johnny to visit the principal; and sends his parents a scolding letter.

Mrs. A is not a bad person, that’s simply the way she knows how to react to a child’s misbehavior.

Mrs. B, on the other hand, tells Johnny how much she’s glad that he came to school today.  After noticing his dirty shirt, she asks him if he would like to freshen up a bit and hands him a fresh cloth to wipe his face.  She asks him to see her after class.  After class, she asks him the reason for his tardiness… after Johnny tells her his tale she laughs and tells him that it’ll be “our little secret”.  She tells him that she’s sure that next time it will be much more fun for him to play after school since he will have more time and not have to worry about going to school with a dirty shirt.

Both educators had the best intentions; they both handled the situation with concern for the child’s education.  But their approach will have significantly different outcomes:

While Mrs. A made Johnny a student that will probably never listen in her class, Mrs. B ensured that Johnny will correct his behavior.  Mrs. B’s approach will most likely give Johnny the strength and motivation to succeed!

What can we, as parents, learn?

The way we raise our children directly impacts the child’s self-esteem, motivation and, of course, productivity.    It’s up to us to embolden our children’s independence and self-confidence.

We already know that the way we talk to ourselves and set our goals determines if we’ll reach them.  This rule applies to children, as well; we need to focus on how to react to our children’s actions.

So where to begin?

#1 First, trust them to get things done

If your child sets his mind to do something, tell him that you are confident that they can accomplish everything they set their mind on.  If they don’t succeed, provide positive and constructive feedback.

This will ensure that they will not be afraid of failure.  Those afraid of failure often stop trying.

#2 Teach your Child to Be Productive – Let them know their contribution helps

If you’re doing something together, show your child how their actions helped to achieve your mutual goal.

A sense of worth will make them fearless…No mountain too high, no task too big.

#3 Teach your Child to Be Productive – Shower them with positive reinforcements

If there’s an ultimate weapon in a parent’s arsenal that can help shape a child’s behavior, its positive reinforcement.

Tell them that they’re successful and how proud you are in their accomplishments.  Tell them how they can easily become anything they want to be…tell them how happy it makes you to see them shine!

#4 Teach your Child to Be Productive – Create a productive and stable atmosphere

Every child needs a parent they can trust and rely upon.  For that to happen, we need to be consistent and follow our own principals and rules.

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#5 Teach your Child to Be Productive – Give them the tools they need

Self-esteem, sense of worth, visibility, love, trust.  We need these as much as our kids need them.  If, we, as parents, feel secure, we radiate security.  If we’re trusting and loving in our nature, we create a warm and safe environment

We are the number one tool our kids have.  The way we act will have a direct impact on our children’s development.  If we want our children to be productive, we must lead by example.

We’d love to hear your own experiences.

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