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Personal Productivity

The Feng Shui of Productivity

wrote this on November 28, 2011 /1 comment
The Bagua of Productivity

Unless blocked, chi flows through everything like wind and water. Feng Shui (or Wind and Water) is the 3000 year old art of balancing energ...Read more

Comic Strips

Mind Mapping Fever

wrote this on November 24, 2011 /9 comments
Mind Mapping with IQTELL

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine showed me the most bizarre picture.  Stranger, he said it helps him be more productive because it helps hi...Read more

Changing Habits

Vive La Resistance! A Rebel’s Guide to Overcoming Resistance

wrote this on November 21, 2011 /2 comments
Learn how to Overcome resistance

We were born rebels… We sprang out of our mother’s womb kicking and screaming, we refused to listen to our parents’ requests to clean our r...Read more

App Updates

The Application that will Help you Succeed in College

wrote this on November 18, 2011 /5 comments
The app the will help you in college

Most would say that college was the best time of their life. While it's important to have fun, college is the starting point for the rest of...Read more

Personal Productivity

How to Teach your Child to Be Productive in 5 Easy Steps

wrote this on November 14, 2011 /no comments
Teach your kid to be productive

Johnny came late to school because he was out playing.  His two teachers (Mrs. A and Mrs. B) caught him as he tried to sneak into his seat. ...Read more