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Words of Wisdom from Organizers and Productivity Experts

Wise words by wise organizers
wrote this on October 24, 2011
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Since we are trying to create the best productivity app in the history of doing, we often reach out and learn from leading productivity experts.  We often bump into an insightful piece of advice or tip that inspires us.  We often realize that the battles we fight against our unproductive habits on a daily basis can be won if the right techniques are applied.

We gathered here a few recommended posts from top organizers that will help you reach the right state of mind with a few insightful lines.

#1 Linda Samuels from The Other Side of Organized and Oh, So Organized! said in this insightful post that one major key to success is to “reflect and appreciate your progress”. Looking back at what you’ve done thus far can help you progress with confidence to the next step.

#2 Christine Belin from Organize Me! said “Starting to think about holiday gift giving? Consider giving the gift of organization. The gift of organization is one of those gifts that really change a person’s life, giver and receiver!” This made me think about the things we do here at IQTELL to help other people get organized.

#3 Nikki Kinzer from Take Control Organizing (TCO) talks about how important it is to keep your energy high and how most of the time we’re not aware that just like our car – we need to stop sometimes and fill up our tank.

#4 Tamara Kerner from Daily Transformation said the other day something that I think will save procrastinators a lot of anguish! Start changing the way you plan to achieve your goals – “It’s the Small Decisions that Make a Big Difference“.  Making even a small decision to act on something will make a big difference on each and every aspect of your life.

#5 Diana Albright takes that idea even further and focuses our to-do list on the essentials with this simple technique – Manage expectations and tasks in a realistic way, so you’ll achieve the things you want faster.

#6 Lisa Montanaro from LM Organizing Solutions, LLC explains in this excellent post about how achieving your goals and being more organized can save you money (that’s one of the best reasons to be organized I’ve heard in a while!). We usually don’t realize it but missed deadlines and clutter (both physical and virtual) costs us a lot of money.

#7 Malisa Celeste from the Invisible Assistant explains in her wonderful way how “You DON’T have to be BUSY to be successful”. This great post talks about the difference between being busy and getting things done, most of the time we don’t understand the difference, and it’s Huge!

#8 An insightful post by Stacy Kaplan from Clutter Away by Stacy K. made me think about the way my world is organized. She talked about how your environment should reflect your priorities in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s online, at work desk or at home, your environment should reflect the things that are on your agenda to help you focus them!

We want to thank all our friends and tell them that we appreciate their insightful posts! Every opinion, comment, and idea helps IQTELL to become the Best Productivity App in the History of Doing™!

Also, we’d love to hear your feedback about our productivity app, you game?

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3 responses to “Words of Wisdom from Organizers and Productivity Experts”

  1. What a great post! Thank you for including me along with my organizing colleagues. What a wonderful collection of advice and tips.

  2. Lisa Montanaro says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for including so many great articles by productivity experts. Honored to be part of the “words of wisdom” collection. :-)

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