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How to Plan the Best Weekend Trip of your Life!

A trip to paris
wrote this on October 3, 2011
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This weekend, I flew to Paris to have fun, do some shopping, do some sightseeing and meet my future in-laws.  My fiancé is from France and her family still lives there.

On my last related post – How to Plan a Wedding without Stress, I relayed to you how my wedding planning was moving along quite well.  Since we were on top of everything, we decided to plan a pre-wedding trip to the City of Lights – Paris!  After all, we deserve it, right?

As with my wedding, I planned the impromptu trip on my IQTELL Workspace application.  I created a folder – “Paris Weekend trip – Fall 2011” to organize and manage everything that needed to be done prior to the trip, and everything I wanted to do in Paris once we arrived.

First – the flight and accommodations: I went to my IQTELL bookmarks, and did an online search for best flight fares, and saved the sites with the best packages (hotel and flight).  I said we are going to see her family, not stay with them ;-).  We ended up choosing Air France combined with a cute little boutique hotel called Hotel de l’Esperance (recommended!). There’s no need to rent a car in Paris, the public transportation takes you everywhere and is available until 1:00 am.  If you’re out after that, you can take a cab and it’s quite cheap. Once we received the confirmation email, with a simple right click it was moved and saved in my Paris weekend trip folder.

Second – shopping and places to visit: We searched (actually, we searched and searched and searched again) stores and shops we wanted to visit.  We tried to stay away from the tourist attractions, and focused on intimate and local bookstores, shops, and restaurants.  I finally learned from my past mistakes of wasting hours walking around looking for someplace, not finding it, and settling on second best.  We actually created actions for everything we wanted to do, and prioritized them based on how important they were – “must do” and “if there’s time”.

Plan the Best Weekend Trip with IQTELL

Third – shopping for the family: My mother, always one to make a good impression, emailed me and told me what to buy my future in-laws.  So, I created a quick task from my mother’s emails – she detailed exactly what I have to buy.  Being a good and organized son (that will do everything to avoid his mother’s wrath), I had the task with me at the airport duty free area and bought as ordered.  I then indulged and executed my shopping list which included a nice wine, chocolate and a nice bottle of cognac for the in-laws.

We got back Saturday night and, I’m happy to report I achieved almost everything I wanted to do and it was without a doubt, one of the best trips of my life! We took more than 800 pictures in four days and three nights!  And of course…I made a great impression on my future in-laws (No, Meet the Fockers here).

Join us and enjoy the planning power and productivity that IQTELL provides.

Bon voyage!

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