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Life Hacks

Words of Wisdom from Organizers and Productivity Experts

wrote this on October 24, 2011 /3 comments
Wise words by wise organizers

Since we are trying to create the best productivity app in the history of doing, we often reach out and learn from leading productivity expe...Read more

Life Hacks

How to Upgrade your Inner Processor in 4 Easy Steps

wrote this on October 18, 2011 /3 comments
Increase your productivity by improving brain functions

Your brain is the single most powerful tool you’ll ever get to use. Inside your brain, at any given moment, there are millions of transmitt...Read more

App Updates

IQTELL’s Productivity Application Release

wrote this on October 14, 2011 /1 comment
Product feature release blog

Before we start – we want to thank our Early Beta users whose invaluable feedback greatly contributed to this new release, Thank You! We hav...Read more

Personal Productivity

The Visionary and Me

wrote this on October 10, 2011 /no comments
The way Steve Jobs influanced my life

Last week, Steve Jobs, one of the world’s greatest innovators, passed away at the young age of 56. It would be difficult to find anyone who ...Read more

User Stories

How to Plan the Best Weekend Trip of your Life!

wrote this on October 3, 2011 /no comments
A trip to paris

This weekend, I flew to Paris to have fun, do some shopping, do some sightseeing and meet my future in-laws.  My fiancé is from France and h...Read more