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Top 5 Tips on How to Win at Fantasy Football

5 tips on how to win at fantasy football
wrote this on September 15, 2011
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The other day I had my fantasy football draft. I was really busy leading up to the draft, but it’s an annual tradition, and who am I to buck tradition? Besides, many of my friends have spread out around the country, and this is one of the few events that bring us all together (albeit in the ‘fantasy’ realm). So, I combined the considerable strength of IQTELL with my less-than considerable knowledge-base of fantasy football procedures, and came up with a quick guide on how to prepare for – and remain in control of – your fantasy football season.

#1 League Rules – Fantasy football veterans know that every league is different. Some will have a single starting quarterback, others have two per team. One awards points for receptions, others ignore the stat altogether. It’s important to keep track of rules for each of your leagues so that you know which positions hold the most value, how many rounds there will be in the draft, and other very interesting things! Naturally, I put all of this information in a Note that I can reference each and every season as we try to maintain some sense of consistency one year to the next.

#2 Draft Prep – This past NFL off-season brought a lot of player moves that I simply couldn’t keep track of on my own. So, I turned to a few of my trusted websites and I saved them all to a single Bookmark. That way, all of my research would stay in one place leading up to the draft. Of course, reading every sentence about fantasy football still wouldn’t have been enough to save me from being the last pick in the draft….

#3 Draft Day – I was responsible for recording every pick in our draft this year, so I created a spreadsheet in Excel and updated it throughout the draft. I then uploaded the file to my Documents app so I could access it on my home computer (I was at a friend’s house during the draft) and fill in everyone’s team.

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#4 Trash Talking – What do you call a group of guys hanging out not making fun of each other? Strangers! Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but to make it easier for me to pull a few legs, I set up a Contact Group for my league. That way, all I need to do is type the name of my league into the “To” field of an email, and the message will be sent to everyone in the league. This is especially helpful when you want to publicly reject a horrible trade proposal! Okay, so that only happens at my expense, but I’ve also used the Contact Group to help organize the draft and publicize this year’s rule changes.

#5 Week-to-Week – Once the draft is over and you have your team, you still have to maintain it. That includes editing your lineup each week based on important factors like injuries, bye-weeks and what teams your players are playing against. It can get pretty complicated, especially in a competitive league where money pride is involved. And, if you read my previous blog post, you know that I’m a forgetful person. The last thing I want to see happen is for me to completely forget about checking my team to make sure my best players are in the lineup. Obviously, I created a Reminder. Well, I actually created two Reminders, one that will be sent to my email, and another that will be sent to my cell phone at the same time every week. One can never be too prepared, right?

Now, none of this will guarantee success in your fantasy football endeavors (Exhibit A: me). However, a good game plan is a great way to start off and remain prepared. If you’re interested in participating in our Early Beta User Group, don’t forget to our Productivity app

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