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How to Plan a Wedding Without Stress

Planning a wedding in less than 2 weeks
wrote this on September 9, 2011
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Just a few days ago, I asked my girlfriend to marry me … she said yes!

We were on cloud nine. We started talking, as most newly-engaged do, about our future plans, house and kids. The next morning, a bit of reality set in…I found out that we need to plan the wedding in three months because she wants to get married on New Year’s.

Planning a wedding is tough when you have a year, but three months makes it that much tougher. I got on the internet, spoke to my friends, and my fiancé and I started planning. Since I blog frequently about productivity, efficiency, and reducing stress at work, I decided to take my own medicine, and practice what I preach. If anyone thinks that planning a wedding in not work but a bonding experience, I’ve got news for you.

Within a few days, I created my Master Wedding Plan. I created a project in our shared productivity app, and we listed what needs to be done, timelines, who is responsible for what, etc.. Being that I am a GTD® follower as well, every time we started stressing about new things that needed to be done, we opened up our Workspace, got it out of our heads and into our actionable tasks, assigned timelines, details about how to complete. I am not saying that it’s a breeze now but it is much more manageable when everything is laid out in an organized way. Organization has a soothing and calming effect, no one can argue with that.

So how to plan a wedding in a workspace that will support your plan?

We broke our wedding in to six major parts:

• Venue
• Catering
• Music
• Wedding Gown (yes, this made our top 6)
• Photographer
• Guest List

For each mini-project – we created the steps in the process that we need to complete in order to finish: Open – Evaluation – Selection – Complete. For each step in the process (even the Guest List), we found that the steps repeated themselves. We have not finished our wedding planning so I will blog about it again when it is done, but we think we are on the right track because we checked with a few married friends who confirmed our planning.

Don’t want bore you with all the details, so we’ll focus on what I think is important – the Catering: food and sprits.

Plan a wedding with IQTELL

We created a mini-project, and listed what we wanted: buffet vs. waiter service, appetizers, main courses, budget, our favorite spirits, and more. Once we finished listing our desires, we created a list of five catering services that were recommended to us and that we found on the net. We checked their website; created and linked bookmark in our IQTELL Workspace so all the information is in one place. We spoke to each of them, and narrowed down our selection to three services that can accommodate our desires within our budget and be available for December 31.

Now, we are in the evaluation phase – my favorite phase because we get to go to three tastings and finalize our menu. We have not done this yet; we are scheduled to do so in early October. Planning ahead… after the tastings in early October, we’ll select the catering service, and this mini-project will be nearly complete.

We did the above process with the other major items on our list. We are not all done; but as far as planning and feeling in control – we are ahead of the curve. It’s not rocket science, I know, but my fiancé is quite impressed at how we are dealing with our first challenge.

I am sharing this now before our wedding because if anyone has any tips they’d like to share, I’d be more than grateful.

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.

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