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App Updates

First Things First, IQTELL

wrote this on September 26, 2011 /8 comments

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been interviewing users who were invited to IQTELL’s Early Beta User Group.  We received an overwhelming posit...Read more

App Updates

Anthony Robbins Time of Your Life and IQTELL

wrote this on September 23, 2011 /1 comment
Time of your life with IQTELL

Bill, a friend of mine, mentioned that I should look into Anthony Robbins’ book, Time of Your Life.  He believes that IQTELL would be a grea...Read more

Inbox Zero

Achieve Inbox Zero On a Daily Basis with IQTELL

wrote this on September 20, 2011 /no comments
You can achieve Zero Inbox on a daily basis with the right application

Recently, Litmus (a company that tracks and tests email campaigns) conducted a survey as to how people use their email.  The survey covered ...Read more

Life Hacks

Top 5 Tips on How to Win at Fantasy Football

wrote this on September 15, 2011 /no comments
5 tips on how to win at fantasy football

The other day I had my fantasy football draft. I was really busy leading up to the draft, but it’s an annual tradition, and who am I to buck...Read more

Changing Habits

The Productivity Application That Fights Interruptions

wrote this on September 13, 2011 /4 comments
How to deal with interruptions and win!

Earlier this month, David Allen (The author of “Getting Things Done, the art of stress free productivity”) released a video on how he deals ...Read more