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Productivity and The Marathon Runner

The marathon runner is an expert on productivity
wrote this on August 12, 2011
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You plan to achieve a lot this year; you already listed the things you think you should do, broke them into micro tasks, found someone you respect and committed in front of him to achieve your goals. You’ve started performing quite well, and everything looks like it is progressing as you expected.

But after a while, you suddenly start missing targets…

Classes you’ve scheduled are skipped. Deadlines you’ve set are constantly rescheduled. You wake up late and your motivation is in a downward spiral.

You try to explain why this is happening and your justifications make sense to everyone listening. You even start to believe that the following reasons pushed you away from your mark:

#1 Lack of Support – You didn’t have the support you needed to complete what you had started. You told a friend or two what you were planning and they burst your bubble.

#2 Immediate Gratification – You wanted everything right away, but achieving your goals takes time. You have a lot to do and you don’t get the expected results immediately, so why waste time on things that are hard to achieve if you have “better” things to do with your time? Right?!?!

#3 Fear – The future always poses questions we can’t answer. Sometimes the possibilities scare us – we are afraid of failure and we’d rather stop before we invest too much of ourselves.

Working on long-term commitments and achieving long-term goals is not a simple task. It’s a job for someone who can overcome fear, gather support or be sustained by his own beliefs. It takes someone who can plan and see into the future, someone who’s prepared to fail, someone who can take a risk and get out of the comfort zones, someone with stamina – a marathon runner.

Marathon runners are people who’ve trained themselves and sharpened their abilities to such an extent that they can perform tasks other people consider impossible. Most of us are better with short bursts of energy. This is easy because we’re natural sprinters. It’s served us well when we were hunters and needed to gather all our strength to tackle prey. Nowadays, however, it can often hold us back.

A marathon runner differs from the sprinter in mindset, skillset and has a different toolset.

How exactly? Let’s dive into it…Ready, Set…Go!


A Marathon runner’s mindset is built from the foundation, like a wall of pure determination. They have developed their imagination to help them with goal-visualization while constantly nurturing their motivation. (It even rhymes!)

By staying constantly motivated, visualizing your goals and not let your guard down, you make sure that your productivity levels are high enough to withstand everything your day-to-day throws your way.


Planning smart and safe is a part of a marathon runner’s skillset. By planning smart you overcome obstacles more easily and stay in motion while still preforming the actions that push you closer to your goal.

As a planner, you know that you don’t need to take unnecessary risks, but you constantly remind yourself that you need to avoid the comfort zone to keep yourself on track.

Knowing how to prepare yourself for the road ahead helps you to maintain a steady rhythm for longer periods of time. That way, you distribute your energy evenly and know what you are going to do next.

Learn productivity, it’s a skill!


It’s important to give your body and mind the tools they need to succeed. Marathon runners are not built like sprinters, physiologically or psychologically. They are leaner, they distribute their energy more efficiently and they can perform tasks for extended periods of time without getting distracted or fatigued.

To do that, they need to reserve their energy and maintain focus.

The ultimate “marathon runner’s productivity tool” will help you focus and organize all your long-term goals in a way that allows you to keep moving for longer periods of time.

So, what happens when your tool is built to suit your every need? Well, you’ll be able to…

– Take action on tasks waiting for you on your to do list.

– All files, reference materials, projects plans, are easily accessible and linked to your tasks.

– Track your progress so you’ll always know where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

– And even collaborate with friends to plan the best road trip of your lives with the free time you’ve discovered!

IQTELL is an application that helps you to focus and organize yourself. Unlike others, it not just a task tracking tool; but a tool built for the “Productivity Marathon Runner” in you.

Try the ultimate marathon runner’s productivity tool now!

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