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How to be Productive in the morning
wrote this on August 4, 2011
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Look back at what you have accomplished in your life and think: what was the road that led you to a great achievement? Did you have to work hard for it? When have you last achieved something that made you proud? What were the habits that supported that achievement?

To achieve things you need to be positive, ask the right questions, get the right answers, try, fail and then try again. You can achieve every now and then a few things because tasks can be supported by certain habits you already have. However, the number of achievements is derived directly from your productivity levels and by the way you set your goals.

Productivity is a habit, it’s also a skill. If you’re not a productive person, it means that you haven’t invested enough in the habit of productivity. Like any skill, the more you invest the better you become.

Let’s reverse engineer the way you become more productive!

To create this new habit of productivity you need to learn a new skill. Let’s try and see how we replace your old habit of not being productive with your new habit of being productive. Let’s take the following example: there’s a certain time during the day that most of us feel like we rather sleep and that productivity is not even an option. I’m talking about mornings.

Your morning is most likely the most unexploited “time real estate” you have. Think about it this way, by achieving things during the morning, you increase the amount of achievements you can accomplish during the day.

So first, let’s change your old habit of not being productive in the morning.

#1 Go to sleep an hour earlier so you’ll be able to wake up earlier – By giving yourself more time to do things in the morning, you make sure that you can support your habit over time.

#2 Before you go to sleep, make a list of things you usually do in the morning – This way you’ll wake up and will be ready for action!

#3 Wake up early!

The second step would be to replace that habit!

#1 When you wake up in the morning – Go and do the things you usually do every morning. Make sure you track the amount of time you invest in them (do it for about 2 or 3 days).

#2 After 2-3 days, before you go to sleep – Create a list of things you want to add to your morning routines, add something you had never done before and would like to achieve. In other words, set a goal! Start doing pushups, watch online seminars or invest that time in any way you think brings you closer to the peaks you want to conquer.

#3 Repeat this routine for a month and Voila! – You have a new and productive habit and you are now one step closer to your goal!

When you break a habit, you create a hole in your personal time and space. You need to fill that hole with a new habit as soon as you can because that vacancy can easily throw you back to your old shenanigans. Even one break in the habit during the month it takes to acquire it is enough.

It usually takes three to four weeks to practice that habit before it sticks, so make sure that you don’t miss your routine and keep practicing your new habit. Many fail when they try to create new habits because planning is a habit too. And if you know how to plan properly, you also know that trying to change your behavior is a process.

To make sure you achieve your goals, you might need a little help in this new journey you are undertaking. By reinforcing and supporting your habits and rituals, IQTELL makes sure you create and maintain them, no matter what!

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