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How Smart are your Contacts?

How smart are your contacts?
wrote this on August 16, 2011
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Every now and then, I like to take a minute to highlight the hard work of our great developers. In the past, I’ve talked about some cool features like how I can link emails to a related to-do item and how you can identify otherwise unknown contacts by finding the email conversations you’ve had with them.

Email providers and aggregators like IQTELL, allow you to add a new contact directly from a sent or received email. Some providers make you jump through a few hoops in order to do it (I’m looking at you, Gmail), but for the most part, it’s possible.

However, this is all assuming that you don’t have that contact saved already. What if you wanted to save a new email address to an existing contact? What do you do then?

More than likely, your next moves are as follows: Copy the email address from the email. Open your contacts list. Find the contact you’d like to add the address to. Open the contact. Paste the email address. Save. Find your way back to your Inbox.

That was fun, wasn’t it?

This scenario brings me to an even cooler feature that IQTELL offers. If you’re reading any email, be it in your Inbox, Sent folder or any other folder, you can hover over the sender or any recipient’s email address and a menu with the options to either “Add contact” or “Add to existing contact” pops-up.

The “Add contact” option is familiar and cool. The “Add to existing contact” option is much cooler.

Instead of worrying about duplicate contact entries or wrestling with copying and pasting email addresses, there’s now a very simple way to add an address to an existing contact. So, here’s a shout out to the innovation of our amazing developers who have found a way to make a common task, like adding info to an existing contact, much easier.

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