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Moving your Apartment

wrote this on July 5, 2011
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A week ago, I moved. As I’m sure most of you know, there is a lot that goes into moving: planning, packing, cleaning, painting, staring at weather reports hoping for clear skies, and begging friends and family for help.

I had a ton of boxes to move and organize. Fortunately, our friends over at offered a great tip about labeling all of your boxes on all four sides, not just the top. That way, no matter how you stack your boxes, you’ll always be able to see what’s inside. My new garage was pretty packed by the end of the day! It was a lot of hard work, but I finally got all of my things into place.

However, the physical part of moving is only part of the required work. I also had to take care of all of my accounts before I moved. Aside from having my mail forwarded to the new place and changing my address with the Motor Vehicle Commission, I had to close some of my utility accounts, transfer others, and finally, open new ones.

So, I opened up my “Accounts” App in IQTELL and I got to work!

#1 My new place doesn’t have natural gas, so I opened my “Heating” entry and I called up the gas company to close out my account. They asked me for my Account Number – and all I had to do was read it to them straight from my Workspace.

#2 Then, I transferred my electric account to my new apartment. To verify my identity, the electric company required me to give them my telephone password. Thankfully, I had saved that information in my IQTELL account in a dedicated folder. Good thing too, because this was probably the first time I called the electric company since I opened the account two years ago!

#3 Lastly, I opened a new account for my Internet and phone services. I was able to immediately place my new account number, as well as all relevant contact information, directly into IQTELL. I know that this information will be on hand whenever I need to access it.

Once I finished taking care of all my utility accounts, I opened my entries for each of my bank accounts and credit card accounts. I was able to call each of them, and in no time, I changed my mailing and billing addresses for each of my cards.

Managing the move on IQTELL's application

Fortunately, the non-physical part of my move went smoothly, because it was hard enough getting people to help me move my entire life from one place to another. If you have any moving tips, or if you just want to volunteer to help me out next time, leave a comment below!

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