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A Free Tool To Organize Success – Coaching 101

wrote this on July 26, 2011
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How to organize success

When you are coaching someone to achieve their goals you are taking care of all the things they want to fulfill in the short term and their plans for the long term. But, as a lot of coaches find out, short term is easy. It’s the long run their clients are finding harder to deal with. You know those cases, former clients that come back for treatment or a morale boost because they need a little help here and there. They claim they had a moment of weakness, promising and hoping that it won’t happen again. Unfortunately, some even revert to their old habits as if they have never been coached.

Those cracks in their armor, of course, will grow over time and they will need maintenance through visits. But what sets an excellent coach apart from a good coach is the ability to release clients into total independence. Happy customers, of course, will function as your brand’s evangelists, but this is not a post about marketing for coaches.

As we all know, the reality is that in order to create a sustainable change, you need to support it with a structured environment. With an ongoing environmental framework in which your client practices their new found skills, it doesn’t matter if you are teaching NLP, GTD or pushing them to be better executives.

So, how do you keep them on track?

The answer is simple: Give them the tools and methods they need to remain on course! You’ve most likely given them your tried and proven methods; IQTELL is essential in providing the ongoing environmental framework.

#1 Organize and reinforce their good habits – Teach them to create lists of goals they want to achieve and how to follow through with them. IQTELL’s task management tool will let them manage their short and long term goals and objectives as can be tried here.

#2 Email them recommended books – This will encourage, influence and inspire them. Instead of being lost in the daily clutter; the email can be flagged and tagged to their books to Read Folder in their IQTELL application.

#3 Break down their large projects into smaller, doable parts – They can initiate the project, set objectives, timelines and budget in the Project application.

#4 Show them how to keep a diary of their thoughts, fears and aspirations over time – They can easily update and save all their daily updates in their IQTELL diary folder. They can easily link any of their diary thoughts to notes or to-do’s which will get them one step closer to overcoming their fears and materializing their aspiration.

As we communicate more with the coaching community, we’ve uncovered that IQTELL is not only a productivity tool, but really a framework that can help clients sustain long term focus and drive.

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