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App Updates

Managing business paperwork, equipment and properties with IQTELL

wrote this on July 29, 2011 /no comments
Managing business stuff

  Business management solutions... I know that this isn’t the sexiest topic in the world, but I think it’s an important one to cover. ...Read more

Personal Productivity

A Free Tool To Organize Success – Coaching 101

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When you are coaching someone to achieve their goals you are taking care of all the things they want to fulfill in the short term and thei...Read more

Changing Habits

What Would I Do With an Extra Hour a Day?

wrote this on July 13, 2011 /3 comments

It’s amazing how quickly things can pile up. How many projects are waiting for you to complete? How many simple tasks are weighing on your...Read more

Changing Habits

Stop Procrastinating

wrote this on July 8, 2011 /6 comments

Last week I talked about preparing the attack on procrastination. Today, I want to talk about understanding what makes it tick and why we ...Read more

Life Hacks

Moving your Apartment

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A week ago, I moved. As I’m sure most of you know, there is a lot that goes into moving: planning, packing, cleaning, painting, staring ...Read more