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Planning a Trip Without Stress

wrote this on June 6, 2011
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I'm always on the lookout for a good deal when I travel, which I do often enough that I’ve gained some experience organizing trips. Nowadays, I have a little help from my IQTELL Workspace.

When I got off the phone with the airline after buying tickets for my upcoming trip, I looked down at the tiny sticky-note that I used to scribble all the information they gave me. Realizing that it wouldn’t be long before that piece of paper gets buried under piles of other pieces of paper, I quickly created an entry in my Workspace under the My Travels app.

In addition to the obvious travel dates, airline info and the name of the hotel, I'm able to save some very important details in My Travels. So after entering all the information from my sticky-note, I quickly added a Reminder to call the car rental agency to reserve a car for my trip. Then, from the email confirmations I got from the airline and hotel, I attached PDF versions of my itinerary and reservations to the entry. One of the features requested by our users allows me to attach multiple files to the same entry at the same time.

Probably the coolest part (and the 'good deal' part) is actually the ability to set additional Reminders in IQTELL. Based on my experience with this airline, I know that I have the opportunity to upgrade my seat on their website if one becomes available. Though I'm happy with the seat I was assigned for the outbound flight, I wasn't that thrilled with my seat for the return trip. So, I set a recurring text message notification that will be sent to me every couple of days reminding me to check the website to see if any seats have opened up.

The trip's a little more than two weeks away, but I'm relaxed knowing that everything's in place including my itinerary, confirmations and reminders.

Do you have any travel tips that you think others should know about? Share it by leaving a comment below!

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