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Personal Productivity

How to Organize your Productivity Workflow

wrote this on June 28, 2011 /2 comments

Over the past week, I have spent some time to personalize my workspace in order to follow David Allen’s GTD strategies. In particular, I foc...Read more

Personal Productivity

Effective Time management, the next step!

wrote this on June 24, 2011 /5 comments

Peter Drucker - one of the greatest management philosophers of our time said the following about time management: “Time is the scarcest ...Read more


How to Start Getting Things Done!

wrote this on June 21, 2011 /1 comment

* GTD® is a registered trademark of the David Allen Company. IQTELL is not affiliated with the David Allen Company. I’m in the process of r...Read more

Personal Productivity

9 Zen Tips for Awesome Task Management

wrote this on June 13, 2011 /4 comments
Zen master's awesome 9 tips for task managmenet

A famous Shunryu Suzuki quote says the following about Zen: "Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday ro...Read more

Personal Productivity

Planning a Trip Without Stress

wrote this on June 6, 2011 /no comments

I'm always on the lookout for a good deal when I travel, which I do often enough that I’ve gained some experience organizing tr...Read more