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May Alpha Upgrades and Update

wrote this on May 26, 2011
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Time flies when you’re having fun! Our Alpha Program has been progressing tremendously since I last spoke about it in April. Since then, there are a number of new features that were brought about thanks to you, our users and readers!

For instance, you now have more user-friendly help options within the confines of your own Workspace. We’ve implemented general help pop-ups for each of the core areas and applications that you have in your account. These pop-ups provide an overview of what you can do in that part of your Workspace with links to videos and screenshots for a more in-depth look.

You’ll also find additional tooltips that are displayed as you hover over certain areas within your Workspace. These areas include certain menu items and data fields, as shown in the following examples.

Based on our Alpha users’ responses, you’ll find that certain features are now easier to use. For example, we’ve made saving a Reminder an easier process, and we’re working on a complete redesign of the Reminder setup. We’ve also revamped the way printing and emailing entries in the Workspace works, so it’s now easier for you to have a paper copy of important entries when you’re away from your computer. This will also improve the way you share your information with friends and family.

During the next few weeks we plan to add exciting features to our software – so keep the ideas and suggestions coming! Leave a comment below if you’re looking for a particular feature, and if you are not yet part of our Alpha, please sign up today because we are still sending early invites even at this stage.

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