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Managing Bookmarks Better

wrote this on May 18, 2011
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Call them Bookmarks, Favorites or whatever your current browser of choice calls them, saving your most-visited and important websites is important. Personally, I use Bookmarks to save my daily routine websites, when I’m shopping online, while I’m doing research and when I get a cool link from a friend.

But, I’m a pretty mobile person. I access the Internet from different computers throughout the day and use different browsers. I even access the Internet using computers in the library, in a data center and while on vacation. So, you got it, keeping my Bookmarks in sync wherever I go became nearly impossible. That is, until I signed up for IQTELL.

I can access my IQTELL account online from any browser, from any computer and from wherever I go. And when I’m in my IQTELL Workspace, I have my Bookmarks, the one and only set I need to keep updated. I can also perform a Quick Search (like a “Google” search) within my Workspace to quickly find and use any Bookmark I need.

When it comes to getting my fill of clever articles (and if you’ve seen my Twitter feed, you know what I’m talking about – how many times have I typed “via @engadget”?), I am comforted to know that I’ll never be without my list of the websites I visit daily no matter where I am.

The other thing I enjoy about my Bookmarks in IQTELL is the flexibility to save multiple related websites within a single Bookmark. This really comes in handy when I’m doing some research and I’ve found several helpful sites focusing on the same topic. Rather than add Bookmarks for each of the five websites claiming to list the 100 best movies of all time, I just save all five sites in the same Bookmark.

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