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Adding Order to Online Orders

wrote this on May 11, 2011
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I do a lot of online shopping because I can quickly compare and find the best deals. However, the biggest challenge is keeping everything organized and tracking my orders. Each online order involves confirmation emails, tracking numbers and delivery dates. I would like to be able to see what I ordered and whether or not it was received at a glance. I’m also interested in keeping track of the sites I used to place my orders and the quality of the products and services I’ve received.

So, I started managing all of my shopping in my IQTELL account. Now, I use the “Orders” section in my Virtual Workspace to keep track of all my purchases. IQTELL allows me to create new entries in my “Orders” App with a single click from any incoming order confirmation email. It’s really convenient. Once I have all my orders organized, I can keep track of everything I need. Using my IQTELL “Orders” App, I save information about each of the items I purchased, where I bought them, how much the order cost and when I should expect the delivery.

With all the online shopping I do, the last thing I want is to pay for something and forget to even check that I received it. That’s where Reminders come in. I set Reminders for each of my Orders. First, I set a Reminder to check the status of my purchase a few days later. Then, I set another Reminder for the expected delivery date so that I can verify that the order has been fulfilled.

So, with just a few clicks, everything’s in place and I can relax knowing that all my bases are covered.

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