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Reading Email Without Ads

wrote this on April 19, 2011

Does anyone else find those ads that keep popping up while reading email really annoying? I know I do!

All I really want to do is just read my email; not sign up for an online education course, switch my phone service provider or look years younger with some miracle cream!  Now, there’s audio and animation to completely interrupt your train of thought.  I’m trying to email my aunt about her famous peanut butter cookie recipe, and then, magically out of nowhere, I have a can of Skippy dancing across my screen.  I’ve been so annoyed with the overwhelming advertising lately that I dread checking my email.

What’s even worse is it seems the advertisements are targeting me. Okay, so I’m a woman of a certain age.  Thank you, dear email provider for letting all your advertisers know my age so that I get bombarded with anti-wrinkle creams.  Like I needed the reminder!

Also, according to Yahoo, your outgoing email may contain advertisements implanted at the bottom of your message.  Next time you send an email, you may inadvertently shill face cream!

With IQTELL, I can check my Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or AOL email and avoid the intrusive advertising without paying a fee.  I can now check all my email accounts without any distractions.

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3 responses to “Reading Email Without Ads”

  1. Sandra Lee says:

    You’r adorable!!! I too, am a senior and am sick of the same ad’s and many other ads!!!
    will IQTELL work with windows 8? P>S> I no longer use Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc… Tired of all of it~~~~~

  2. the adventure guy says:

    Use Windows live mail. Totally ad free !!!!

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