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Managing Multiple Email Accounts

wrote this on April 21, 2011

Over the years, I’ve accumulated multiple email accounts. I have a Gmail account for my personal mail, a Yahoo mail account for family, and a work account. Managing all of these accounts used to be a complicated affair. I would have to go to each of my accounts individually, open a different browser tab for each, and remember their various user IDs and passwords. Not anymore!

Now, I log in just once to my IQTELL Virtual Workspace, and all my email folders from all my email accounts are there, nicely organized! The same goes for all my contacts, which I’ve imported using IQTELL’s built-in importing function. I can perform a Quick Search (like a Google search) within my Workspace and find everything I’m looking for within seconds! I can find email sent or received from any of my contacts, and I can find contacts based on any information. For example, I can search for “Caribbean cruise” to find people I met on vacation last year.

My contact list is huge, so after importing all my contacts from my multiple sources, I frequently found myself asking, “Who is this person?” Using IQTELL, I can right-click on any contact and pull up all the emails related to this person. Then, I update the entry with useful information, or discard it if I don’t need it. I can also set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries for family members and close friends. I sleep well at night knowing that I’ll never forget any of these important events. Who said life can’t be simplified?


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