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App Updates

You Ask, We Deliver

wrote this on April 28, 2011 /1 comment

The Alpha is giving us some great feedback and we are working hard to update features based on your requests.  By popular demand we have inc...Read more

App Updates

April Alpha Update

wrote this on April 25, 2011 /no comments

I've had the opportunity to speak to several of our users about their experiences with IQTELL.  The response has been overwhelmingly ent...Read more

App Updates

Managing Multiple Email Accounts

wrote this on April 21, 2011 /no comments

Over the years, I've accumulated multiple email accounts. I have a Gmail account for my personal mail, a Yahoo mail account for family, and...Read more

App Updates

Reading Email Without Ads

wrote this on April 19, 2011 /3 comments

Does anyone else find those ads that keep popping up while reading email really annoying? I know I do! All I really want to do is just read...Read more

App Updates

IQTELL Made My Yahoo Mail Better!

wrote this on April 12, 2011 /no comments

My banks have all been going green recently. They send statements and notifications to me electronically instead of on paper. I’m a major fa...Read more