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Beware the Ides of March

wrote this on March 15, 2011

Good advice to Caesar and good advice to the old technology companies of the last decade that tie your personal data to a single device or treat your personal information as if it were their own.  Yeah, we’re looking at you Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.  Today, March 15, 2011 IQTELL launches alpha testing of its Virtual Workspace – a revolutionary cloud-based desktop – built for you.

Aggregate all of your email accounts, contact lists, tasks, notes, reminders and datebooks into one place.  Store all of your files and data in a safe & secure environment with industry-leading privacy protection and automatic backup and recovery.  And get it all easily accessible through a patent pending unified search feature that connects all of your information so that everything is where you want it, when you want, from whichever device you are using and wherever you happen to be.

Our Alpha test is underway, so sign up to be part of our upcoming beta stage and help us build and refine the workspace of the future!


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