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wrote this on February 16, 2011
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We have been getting a lot of questions about cloud computing, so here is a brief discussion about the benefits to you.  The “cloud” is a common metaphor for the Internet.  Cloud computing is a solution that has been in use by businesses for years.  The advantage for a business is that they can utilize an existing high-end computer network instead of spending lots of time and money building their own. The less time and money spent on infrastructure, the more they can spend building their own business.  We have applied this same principle to building IQTELL; we build and maintain a safe and secure environment for your data and layer in powerful organization software so that you can get on to the important things in your life.  

My life in the Cloud

Here is a quick breakdown of normal computing vs. personal cloud computing with IQTELL.

  Personal Computer IQTELL
Data Security Vulnerable to spyware and malware.  Computer can be lost or stolen, along with your data. Scanned daily by top-notch security firms.  All data is encrypted using strong encryption techniques such as Secure Socket Layers (SSL).  Even IQTELL employees cannot see your data.
Data Storage Data is stored locally on your computer hard drive.  You must be at your computer to access your data.  If your hard drive crashes, or you get a computer virus, all of your data can be lost. Data is stored on servers maintained by IQTELL engineers.  You can access your data from anywhere, on any computer. If your computer is lost or stolen, gets a virus or suffers a hard drive crash, your data is safe and easily recovered.
Data Utility Multiple software applications manage your data.  Sometimes they play nice with each other, other times, not so much. Single powerful data management application connects and links your info, making it more useful, more efficient and more relevant.   High customization options enable you to easily design your own workspace.

So in essence, cloud computing means that the heavy computer processing and data storage of the IQTELL Virtual Workspace, takes place on servers maintained by our engineers as opposed to on your personal computer. You can rely on our high-end security and storage infrastructure, coupled with our data management technology, so that you can get on with your life.  The IQTELL Virtual Workspace – think of us as your ticket to the cloud!

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