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If I Could Have Only ONE App on My Phone…

wrote this on September 20, 2015 /no comments

The Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, IQTELL actually helps you get it all done. If you're a GTD guru, you'll love this. If you're not,...Read more

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Changing Habits Personal Productivity

7 Morning Habits for a Productive Day

wrote this on August 25, 2015 /no comments

How you start your day has the potential to impact how you’ll spend the rest of it, and we can’t all be morning people. Getting yourself int...Read more

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Changing Habits Personal Productivity

Slash your task list

wrote this on February 17, 2015 /3 comments
slash your task list

Slash your task list To-do lists have a habit of growing and growing and growing… We often speak to people who have hundreds of items on ...Read more

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How to do a Weekly Review

wrote this on January 13, 2015 /no comments
how to do a weekly review

The Weekly Review is often regarded as the pinnacle of personal productivity.  Introduced by David Allen in his ground-breaking productivity...Read more

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Changing Habits

New Year’s Resolution Fails

wrote this on January 7, 2015 /no comments
New Years' Resolutions...

With every passing year, we make New Year’s resolutions, only more often than not (probably 100%), we fail to achieve them.  Why do we insis...Read more

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Changing Habits

Productivity Tips for Office Managers

wrote this on December 29, 2014 /no comments
Productivity Tips for Office Managers

Whether you are an Office Manager or Executive Assistant, the challenges hindering productivity and organization are very similar.  These te...Read more

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User Stories

Guest Post, IQTELL – my favorite productivity system

wrote this on October 27, 2014 /2 comments

Great post by IQTell User - -Jens-Petter Berget I have been using IQTELL for a few weeks. I’ve been using the free trial. But, it has alr...Read more

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Changing Habits

Stop losing money on productivity

wrote this on October 7, 2014 /no comments
How much $$$is your (4)

Whether you follow the teachings of GTD®, Inbox Zero, Pomodoro or any other productivity method, money is a key driver.  This is especially ...Read more

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My Top 10 Productivity Quotes from some famous people

wrote this on September 23, 2014 /no comments
Top 10 Productivity Quotes ...from

We all need a bit of inspiration to stay on top of our useful habits.  We’re human after all. Problems often stem from good habits that w...Read more

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Inbox Zero User Stories

Guest Post – Old school, new technology.

wrote this on September 11, 2014 /2 comments
Productivity Flow

IQTell? Another productivity tool? Yes. Yet another productivity tool? No. This one makes email archiving like manual filing and physi...Read more

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Changing Habits

Fuel your Mornings with Small Victories to Propel your Days

wrote this on September 3, 2014 /no comments
Are you a Morning Person-

Like me there are a lot of people who find it hard to get out of bed in the morning; for us, every day the struggle begins anew. My wife ...Read more

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User Stories

Guest blog – Julie

wrote this on August 18, 2014 /no comments

Check out a detailed IQTell review by Julie. "I am absolutely THRILLED to be launching “Tools Tuesday” with this app. IQTELL has become one...Read more

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Deal Effectively with Sent Mail

wrote this on August 3, 2014 /no comments
What about my Sent Mail3png

All too often we hear about processing our email inbox.  Inbox Zero is thrown around like it is the holy grail of productivity. It’s a topic...Read more

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Life Hacks

Deadlines, friend or foe?

wrote this on July 28, 2014 /no comments

Without a doubt having a deadline can push us to outdo ourselves by virtue of the deadline’s presence alone. There are usually four quest...Read more

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Inbox Zero

Write the Right Email Subject Lines

wrote this on July 21, 2014 /2 comments
Get your point across.

Why are we skimming through our email subject lines before we open them? Why not just roll up our sleeves and open them? This is a questi...Read more

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Changing Habits

10 Hacks to Boost Willpower

wrote this on July 13, 2014 /no comments
Boost your willpower

We've all had the feeling of struggling against our own self-control, whether it is to get an important presentation done at work or resisti...Read more

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User Stories

Guest Blog – Dan Duncan

wrote this on July 7, 2014 /3 comments

Hi Everyone, Below is a post written by an IQTell user, Dan Duncan. Dan is a consultant and uses IQTell to help run his consulting busine...Read more

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Inbox Zero

The Challenges Email Apps Face in 2014

wrote this on July 2, 2014 /2 comments
Freedom of being productive

We have been really excited to hear our user’s feedback lately.  We’ve heard that processing emails has become much easier.  More importantl...Read more

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Changing Habits IQTELL's Blog

Failure to communicate is a habit – It’s time to break the habit

wrote this on June 23, 2014 /no comments
Habit of Communicatyion

Why do some people communicate better than others? Is it an innate ability that sets them apart or is it something else? “What we got her...Read more

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Inbox Zero

The Truth Behind Inbox Zero

wrote this on June 17, 2014 /1 comment

A few years ago, Merlin Mann conceived the notion of Inbox Zero.  He eloquently described what it is we all want: to finally gain control of...Read more

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Changing Habits

This is by far the easiest way to create a new habit!

wrote this on June 9, 2014 /no comments
Habit creation

By now you should have that New Year’s resolution under your belt, right? It’s been like more than a half a year since, right? Let me tak...Read more

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App Updates

Automatically Turn Evernote to Tasks and Projects

wrote this on May 14, 2014 /5 comments
Connect IQTELL to Evernote

We just released a key enhancement to our integration with Evernote.  By simply tagging an Evernote, you can automatically create Actions, P...Read more

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App Updates

IQTELL latest iOS Features

wrote this on May 12, 2014 /no comments
Email Apps Release

In this short video, we highlight the latest features for the IQTELL iPhone and iPAD Apps. - Email Alias - Creating Calendar Events - P...Read more

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People Skills

10 Reasons why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

wrote this on May 1, 2014 /1 comment
why the A-Team is better than Your-Team

While not quite productive, reminiscing has its perks! …and hey, it’s Labor Day! Recently I’ve been watching the A-Team series. The ea...Read more

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Personal Productivity

Why some people remain cool at work while others fall apart?

wrote this on April 30, 2014 /no comments
Why some people remain cool at work?

Some people just look, act, and perform like they were born to do the job… Of course, this perplexes most of us because let’s face it; be...Read more

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App Updates

IQTELL’s Recorded GTD® Webinar!

wrote this on April 24, 2014 /no comments
Our Recorded Wevinar

As you know, we hold Live Weekly GTD® and IQTELL Webinars.  We receive many requests for a link to the recorded webinar.  Your wish is our c...Read more

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Changing Habits

l will teach you how to learn something new today!

wrote this on April 16, 2014 /4 comments
Productivity mind hacks

Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn something new today, or every day for that matter? You’ll probably say something like: “Sure, that soun...Read more

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GTD – Mastering Workflow Series Level 1

wrote this on March 26, 2016 /no comments

Earlier this year, I signed up and attended “Mastering Workflow Series Level 1”, which is a GTD course provided by the David Allen Company t...Read more

Changing Habits

How to find what motivates you (and use it time and again)

wrote this on April 10, 2014 /no comments
what motivates us

I published a post a few weeks ago talking about unconscious motives and how they can either supply us with heaps of motivation or sap it aw...Read more

App Updates

March 2014 – Our iPad Mini and Lifetime Premium Account Winners

wrote this on April 8, 2014 /no comments
Contest winners

We are truly honored to have such a great user community.  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s willingness to help spread the word about your...Read more

People Skills

The 3 Most Annoying Work Scenarios (and How To Get Out Of Them Unscathed)

wrote this on March 25, 2014 /no comments
Annoying Work Scenarios

Sometimes, we get into a situation in the office that we wish we could avoid. We get there because let’s face it; we’re not alone there… ...Read more

Comic Strips

Work with Boredom, Procrastination and Laziness. Don’t fight them

wrote this on March 20, 2014 /no comments
Work with procrastination and laziness - Don't fight them

Work WITH boredom, procrastination and laziness. Don’t fight them. 1. Many times we find ourselves fighting boredom, procrastination an...Read more