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Guest Post, IQTELL – my favorite productivity system

wrote this on October 27, 2014 / 2 comments

Great post by IQTell User – -Jens-Petter Berget

I have been using IQTELL for a few weeks. I’ve been using the free trial. But, it has already become my favorite productivity app. I didn’t think that it wouldn’t be much against Todoist. I still think Todoist is an awesome system, but I’ve already made the switch to IQTELL…

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2 Responses to “Guest Post, IQTELL – my favorite productivity system”

  1. pete says:

    i have been saying for years that if only evernote had email integrated and had simple concepts around project management by having components that span email, tasklists, messenger discusisons etc. rather than home grown tagging systems. You have knocked it out of the park. I just only started watching the training videos and KNOW this is exactly what i’ve been searching for.

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