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Being Change Averse is like Working in Reverse

Don't be Change Averse
wrote this on July 18, 2013 / 4 comments

Hack Productivity Being Change Averse is like Working in ReverseEarn your success with IQTELL

A happy farmer doesn’t fight the things he can’t control.

He controls the things he can …And changes with the seasons.

That’s why a happy farmer is a tired one…

Because he knows that he’ll reap what he sowed.


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4 Responses to “Being Change Averse is like Working in Reverse”

  1. bigspud says:

    Have you many farmers using IQTELL? I’m one!

    I couldn’t agree more – control what you can and acknowledge your own limits! I’ve been searching for years for a productivity method that is date and time *independant*. The picture of the storm above highlights my dilemma. Dont impose a timeframe on nature, or pay the cost! I’ve learnt a lot on how to deal with outside influences on my actions from Mark Forster and Mel Wilson (who led me to IQTELL) – and their views on ‘priority-markers’ are profound, – thank goodness IQTELL is so darn flexible! Whatever factors influence you, IQTELL isnt limited to any real GTD doctrine.
    Sowing a few seeds in the office means this farmer isn’t as tired as he was…

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